Since 2012, we have been offering wall drying devices, made in France and at factory prices. Discover them! IPE, ATE LC30, and IPG are available in our online store!

Whether you are an individual keen on preserving the health of your home or a construction professional seeking effective solutions for wall moisture and capillary rise issues, our IPG GEOSTOP, IPE STOP ONE, and ATE LC30 products dedicated to wall drying are the answer to your needs. Moisture can not only compromise your well-being but also devalue your property and hinder the completion of future wall drying works.

Our devices, particularly the electromagnetic polarity inverters IPE STOP ONE, ATE LC30, and geomagnetic IPG GEOSTOP, are designed to suit all types of homes and budgets. Manufactured in France, they guarantee unmatched quality in the market. We are also proud to present our flagship product, the ATE LC30 humidity polarity inverter, which uses the same technology as the IPE STOP ONE. Easy to install, it offers a practical solution for tackling moisture issues in your home or your clients’ homes.

Furthermore, our wall drying devices have been recognized for their effectiveness since 2012, thereby adding value to your real estate assets. In our store, you will also find our ATE devices designed to combat limescale and tartar. Do not let moisture invade your living space or that of your clients. Opt for our innovative and effective solutions by choosing the IPG GEOSTOP, IPE STOP ONE, and ATE LC30 wall drying devices for lasting and reliable results.

William COIGNARD humidity expert


Expert in humidity and unhealthiness for over 12 years, my career is marked by technical training in construction and certification as a judicial expert. I have effectively solved humidity problems in thousands of residences, accumulating invaluable experience. My commitment to quality and excellence has also been recognized through numerous appearances in print media, on television, and on the radio. It is with this solid experience and well-established reputation that I offer you the opportunity to access high-quality and high-performance products at factory prices, available directly through our online store.

The production of devices against wall moisture
The production of devices against wall moisture.
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Turnkey solutions

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Thousands of anti-moisture devices sold in Europe for over 10 years

 Electromagnetic polarity reversal system against moisture IPE STOP ONE

The Electromagnetic Polarity Inverter (IPE) STOP ONE, a certified product of French origin, effectively combats wall moisture. It comes in the form of a compact unit that connects to a ground socket and can be placed or fixed in the damp area without requiring any masonry work. The device’s coverage ranges from 30 m² to several hundred square meters, depending on the installed version. By emitting very low-frequency waves, our Electromagnetic Polarity Inverter IPE STOP ONE reverses polarity and moves water molecules towards the ground, thus preventing rising damp. Moisture caused by the upward movement of water is permanently redirected towards the building’s foundations (between 18 and 24 months, depending on the building’s specifications and adherence to recommendations). Renovating with the IPE STOP ONE, a polarity inverter against moisture, is suitable for all buildings and houses with damp walls and floors.

Electronic device against moisture in walls

Simple and effective

Not harmful to health



The result

By choosing our wall drying solution, you can finally enjoy a comfortable and healthy home environment. Say goodbye to damp walls that cause saltpetre formation, bad odors, as well as costly repairs and maintenance. Our certified product effectively addresses the root cause of capillary rising while providing fast drying without health risks. You may also notice a reduction in heating expenses as your walls will now be less damp.

The geomagnetic polarity inverter IPG GEOSTOP, an effective solution against wall moisture.

Choose IPG GEOSTOP, the French solution against wall moisture | Easy and self-installation | No need for electricity or batteries. Say goodbye to moisture in your home thanks to IPG GEOSTOP, the French geomagnetic device that requires no construction work! This standalone cylindrical box uses only electromagnetic fields to reverse the polarity of water molecules, allowing for natural moisture evaporation in 18-24 months. Renovating with IPG GEOSTOP, a polarity inverter against moisture, is suitable for all buildings and houses with damp walls and floors.

imple and effective

Not harmful to health



The result

A dwelling where damp walls will quickly be dried to provide optimal comfort and enhance air quality, promoting better health. With this solution, you can bid farewell to inconveniences such as moisture, saltpetre-infested plaster, odors, and high maintenance and repair costs. Key features include rapid wall drying with no health impacts and a solution that addresses the root cause of capillary rising. Furthermore, reduced humidity in the home will result in heating cost savings.

ATE LC30: effective solution against moisture

Discover the ATE LC30, a cutting-edge device with a 30-meter diameter coverage. This French-certified product offers exceptional performance at a competitive price. Easy to install, it connects to a ground outlet without requiring any construction work. By using low-frequency waves, it reverses polarity to repel moisture effectively, usually within 18-24 months. Renovating with the ATE LC30, a moisture polarity inverter, is suitable for all buildings and homes with damp walls and floors.

Moisture control box for walls

 Simple and effective

Not harmless to health 


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